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Spotting wildlife, especially birds is quickly becoming a favourite activity for Adele and I.  We love getting out for hikes (and sometimes a run) in the winter.  We are constantly watching out for birds and wildlife.  Recently on a short and gusty hike through a walking path near our home we spotted a few different species of birds.

bird about to jump


bird about to jump

It took a little while, but if you’re quiet, still and patient… you can get some birds to land on your hand.  Of course, you must have a little something to offer!

red-breasted nuthatch eating seed

It can be tricky to capture these quick critters properly.  Especially so if you want to show off their wings.  With enough light, good steadying device (monopod in this case) a steady hand and quick trigger finger you can stop those speedy chickadees in their tracks!

off with some seed

and some more…  10 frames a second helps :)

chickadee wingspan

perched chickadee on hand


bird in flight

this little red-breasted nuthatch is storing seed for a rainy day

bird on a log

Photographing small, quick birds is difficult.  It’s best to watch where they land, and focus there – wait for them to return and snap away.  You can pretty much rule out shooting wide open.

storing food

This was a very fun, quick hike through a small forest.  You don’t have to go far.



  1. 3-1-2012

    Absolutely amazing shots! The photos of the bird “in flight” are awesome, but I especially love the last two photos of the bird close up – the blue feathers against the green moss is beautiful :)

  2. 3-7-2012

    Chickadee in flight shots are incredible.

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