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by the pond

Well, it was a splendid day with Stephanie & Steve at Springfield Golf & Country Club.  The weather was hot and the conditions were excellent.  The sky produced some perfect clouds and we were treated to beautiful light for sundown.

Everyone had a genuinely great time, including us the photographers!  The day went so well (thanks to Stephs perfect planning) that we were actually running ahead of schedule.  That is a great feeling for a wedding shoot!

It was fantastic to look around the room and see so many smiles.  The traditional Philippine Money Dance was fun to watch… Steph & Steve I hope you have a wonderful time with the dance dollars!  Speaking of dancing… we were treated to the funniest groomsman entrance.  The bride & groom were not to be outdone with their very own Swayze Lift.

groom catching bride

 Thanks for choosing us to capture your wonderful wedding.  Enjoy!

sister sprays hair

bridesmaids outside house

happy embrace

in the shadow

smooth operator

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