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Surely like everyone else, I am thrilled about spring.  The snow is gone….?…..

The bees are beginning to buzz.  Flowers and plants are emerging from their subterranean slumber.  Even the occasional seagull squawk is a familiar and welcoming sound….  for now anyway.  We’ll see about that one come august.

As sure as the excitiment that comes with re-familiarizing myself with the sights and sounds of a warmer hemisphere – it’s equally thrilling when the Drive-In opens.  It’s happened folks!  Grab your sleeping bags, draw straws for the trunk and please…don’t bring outside drinks.  THE DRIVE-IN IS OPEN!!!!

A/C – filled, cell-phone-talkin’ patron, snot nose pop-corner cinemas be damned!!!  Dust off the frisbee, watch the sunset, park close to the concessions and snuggle up to your special someone.

Here’s hoping they re-run Lebowski this year :)

Remember the long-weekend all-nighters

Now children 12 and under are FREE!

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