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I recently finished 3 canvases for my cousin.  Working from a few snapshots I brushed the paintings with a mixture of oil and acrylic.  As with the Red Papaya Mural, these birds ‘flew’ onto the canvas rather quickly.

Capturing each birds’ character was of utmost importance.  Trumping photo-realism…  I could have printed a photo.  I managed to snap some appropriate shots right in the living room.  The convenience of my Canon Speedlites helped create a quality image without the hassle of removing the birds from their home.  This wasn’t without it’s challenges,

rocking bird

however the results were more than sufficient to paint from.

These birds can be quite moody.  Spud, the Molliccan Cockatoo is a riot.  I’ve seen these guys bounce around in phone commercials, but seeing it first hand is quite the experience.

bird on a cage

Once he warmed up to me and the flashing strobes, there was no stopping this one bird show.  Choosing an image of Spud was hard since we got more than a few I would have like to use.  I settled on a profile shot showing off the deep red feathers under his crown.  That red bunch is hidden unless he get’s himself all shook up.

cockatoo looking

Interested in custom photos & paintings or murals?  Go ahead and drop me a line.

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