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I love music…….ever since I can remember.

Having owned and operated bars that feature live music (Doogie’s & Pablo’s in downtown Guelph),  I enjoyed the opportunity to rub elbows (and bend elbows) with some class acts.  Along with some blurry memories, I thankfully managed to take a few photos of some of these performers.  I’ve also found myself as an official photographer at Hillside Festival multiple times, and Hillside Inside as well.  I’ve seen many amazing shows… at large venues and festivals as well as the smallest holes in the wall.  It’s hard to enjoy yourself at a rock show with a camera stuck to the front of your face.  That being said, it’s quite satisfying to supply memories of these performances.  That’s really what I get out of shooting live music photos.  If I can nail that sweet moment that captures the emotion and energy of the performers then lugging all that gear to the stage was worth it.  Sharing those moments with my viewer is the ultimate reward.

A great deal of the images I have to offer here are Hillside Festival related.  Since 2010 I’ve been asked to be an official photographer several times.  It’s a tremendous honour.  I will dig into the archives and post more photos of other concerts, performers and even some from the old Doogie’s days.  So come back and see what I have to offer.

There’s only so much you can do with that smartphone camera.  So, keep it in your pants and let me get the shot.  Grab a beer instead, or pump your fist in the air like you just don’t care.

Do you need a photographer for your show?  Interested in prints of my shots?

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Enjoy these photographs of concerts, musicians and festivals

Hillside Festival 2013

Thoughts on taking Hillside photos

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