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The gentle beauty of spring blooming irises are a yearly highlight.  I’m increasingly obsessed with their explosion of colour.  Concocting new schemes to enhance their spread.  Devising yard patterns to maximize the pleasure they bestow upon us.

Among many photographs I shot this year, I also started drawing some.  Reminding myself of what my hands are capable of – using my ‘photo-eyes’ to study the subtle variances in form, shade, and texture.

This truly transcends inspiration.  And it’s not limited to irises, but hey are true harbingers of warm weather, colour, fragrance, fine memories and anticipation of new experiences.  No, it’s more than inspiration.  An innate pleasure blossoms from within when I see the first flower pop.

I’m lost in delicate petals, with their jagged ridge yet creamy smooth surface.  My eyes transfixed on their crystalline translucency when the light is right.   Stylishly, three petals lay down so that two may rise and form an arch.

Inevitably, like so many great experiences – the irises’ bloom is over too soon.  Each year however, brings another lot, with more flowers as the rhizomes multiply.

Here’s to next year…


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