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On a brisk & rainy yet beautifully colourful day, Jen & Dave were married at the St. Theresa Parish in the Beaches of Toronto.  The reception was held at Sunnybrook Estates, the grounds offered many stately and scenic backdrops.  Rain decided to interfere with our formal family pictures, so we chose to head inside for cover.  On a whim, I kept the bride and groom outside where we tempted the weather and our comfort.  They couldn’t have responded better… in fact I’m not sure what would have kept them from heading inside.  When we did head inside however, it was clear that this was a dancing party.  The ‘dancing-chain’ photo features four generations of family having a great time.  It wouldn’t be a party without the newest dance craze of ‘Gangnam Style’, which we heard twice!  Dave and Jen danced all night long, a sure sign of the many happy times they have ahead.

Enjoy your photographs!

~Dan & Adele