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Well I just love meeting new clients and hitting it off right away.  Two hours may sound like a long time for a photo shoot – but when you account for backdrop searching and getting to know each other a bit… the time flies.  I brought Michelle & Chad with their two boys to Rockwood Conservation Area.  It’s just lovely with the ruins, cliffs, water and bridge.   We chose Victoria Day to head to the Conservation… and so did a lot of other people.  It was packed!  And it was hot.  It was challenging, but hopefully you can’t tell my looking at the pictures.  Enjoy!

The following collection is a great example of what you could expect if you booked a ‘Golden’ or ‘Platinum’ Session with me.  Images edited and enhanced.

First goal…  get a happy portrait of the whole family.  Check.

Be sure to capture the love…


Have some fun….


Take a shot of each parent with their happy boys…


Get some special moments, and don’t be afraid to roll around on the ground.
Take a moment to look around.
Make a splash!
One more of the whole family with the beautiful backdrop.
And finally, get the boys together.  Love those smiles!
Thanks for looking, I welcome comments.

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