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The Arboretum in Guelph has countless beautiful settings to take advantage of.  It’s terrific any time of year, but spring is especially vibrant.  Life beginning to bud and bloom all around – which serves as a perfect backdrop for an ‘Expecting Family Portrait Session’.

I’ve known Vicky & Craig for years, so I was eager to capture their portraits.  It was just as important for me to capture the couple’s interaction, as it was to elegantly portray Vicky’s motherly glow.

Re-acquainting myself with my clients was fun and seamless.  I quickly realized it was important to capture their sense of humour.

The reflecting pool is intriguing.  We tried to find the bottom, but mysteriously, it seems to drift downwards endlessly.

Then we took a stroll through the barren wastelands of….

Craig is a fellow entrepreneur with his landscaping design company named Planit Earth.  He has an eye for design, and appreciation for the rustic areas surrounding the Arboretum.  As if employing him to ‘rock the reflector’ wasn’t work enough… he also wore the hat of Creative Director for a couple shots, like this…

A pleasant surprise with this excellent location was how it served as a wind tunnel.  I especially enjoy how the gown flows in this one.

Enough of the reflecting….  time to get back in front of the camera

Time for a sweet moment.

Finally, for these shots I wanted to light the couple dramatically, while giving the forest depth and a bit of darkness.

Spring is such an exciting time for portraits.  The light is pleasant and temperatures are comfortable, which allows for an array of visual styles within a short time period.

Congratulations Vicky & Craig!  Thanks for hiring me to capture the anticipation of your newborn.

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