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Unique weddings are inspiring and this chilly fall afternoon was just that…

From Brigitte’s stylish dress and cozy shawl, to the grandeur of the Church of Our Lady and on to the elegantly designed Cambridge Mill – there were ample opportunities to capture gorgeous photos.

My favourite detail was a framed business card from their first encounter.  The couple tore it in half and wrote their numbers on each side for the other.  Brigitte also took great care in designing custom wine tags for her guests, a charming personal touch.

This was my first time shooting at Church of Our Lady and it was a welcomed assignment.  The variation of light is the greatest challenge, but the magnificent architecture is the finest I’ve had the pleasure to capture.  Being a Guelphie I’ve been enamoured with the church ever since I can remember.  So, it was quite exciting when I learned I’d have my first go at shooting inside.

The ceremony was beautiful. Their chilly, windy day pushed the clouds rapidly and warm rays of sun poured into the church.  One of my favourite shots was taken of Sean stealing a glance back at Brigitte as she entered.  Not being a superstitious fellow, I enjoy how more couples are willing to bend older traditions.  Couples today are looking to make their own traditions which I find inspiring…..just like Brigitte & Sean’s wedding!






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