My name is Dan Hauser. I’m a multi-media artist from Guelph, Ontario. HauserWorks is the company I’ve been operating since 2006.
I earned a Fine Arts Degree from Fanshawe College in 1996. For 15 year I co-owned and operated Doogie’s & Pablo’s in Downtown Guelph.

Many aspects of art are an important part of my life. As a teenager I became involved with photography and video. Now I am pleased to offer my creative services. My projects are always approached as a new creative challenge. Whether I’m painting or photographing portraits – I strive to combine my skills, with a firm handle on the creative tools available to modern artists. Creating new work that, like my omelets, are never the same thing twice. Now with modern web building becoming more palpable, I look forward to sharing my work in ways only imaginable before.

It gives me great joy to be hired by clients for their photography work. My goal with photography is to produce exquisitly unique and memorable images. It’s important for me as an artist to create images that will endear and endure. Most of my photo packages include carefully edited, variously enhanced versions of the best images. Printing and sharing your memories is not only allowed, but encouraged! As a client of HauserWorks, you receive high quality, lovingly edited images ready to print just about as large as you could possibly ever want.

My work has appeared internationally in this following publications:
The Edmonton Sun, National Association of Photoshop Professionals Magazine, ‘Treasure of Ontario’ and the Guelph Hillside Festival Program.

Modern digital SLRs have profoundly changed the process of image making. This includes the ability to use these powerful cameras and lenses to produce gorgeous HD video. Having taught myself digital video editing with Apple’s Final Cut Pro, I’m pleased to begin offering this service to my clients. I enjoy producing music videos, commercials, personal and wedding video documentary.

I now offer group and private lessons for photography and art.

Thank you for looking,

Dan Hauser

photographer with camera

self portrait